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GeoReview: Spiderman 2
By Clayton Ruley

Spiderman returned to the big screen in the Summer of 2003 with much success and now it's on DVD. We checked out the DVD and will give you the scoop on whether it's worth that $15-$25 dollars.


If you don't know the story we don't want to spoil it but must say that this movie deals with Peter Parker and his relationship with Mary Jane Watson, personal growth as a college student and young adult, the responsibility that goes with Spiderman (himself) and a new enemy Doctor Octopus.   This movie once again uses some of the best graphics ever scene and does a great job adapting the Spiderman comics to the movie.  


Tobey Maguire does an excellent job playing the multifaceted Parker; Alfred Molina plays the multi-armed Doctor who messes with science to create a product seemingly for the good.   Kirsten Dunst reprises her role as Mary Jane, a girl with a face easy to fall in love with who is very confused about Peter and their relationship.   James Franco reappears as the son of Harry Osborn, the original Green Goblin. Franco's character is or better yet was Parker's best friend but has a bad thing for Spiderman. Then of course there is Aunt Mae played by Rosemary Harris, a matriarch of the family who is struggling follow the death of her husband Ben Parker.


The 128-minute movie is non-stop action and is accompanied by bonus features.   On the first disk there is plenty including commentary with director Sam Raimi, Maguire, producer Avi Arad and co-producer Grant Curtis, technical commentary, a blooper reel, and a trivia track with trivia about the movie and the world of Spiderman.


On the second desk there is more features including "Interwoven: The Women of Spiderman", "Hero In Crisis", "Making The Amazing" and a art gallery featuring a collection of Alex Ross' paintings used in the opening credits of the film. In total there is over 10 hours of Exclusive Content. You can also get the film in Full screen and Widescreen versions.


Overall this movie is extra hot and a lot of people (including myself) say this is better than the first.   The extra features are just a bonus.   The story was great, acting superb and the computer graphics and other effects were great.


I'll give the Spiderman 2 DVD 4.5 Globes.

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