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Today is:
GeoReview: The Robert Greenwald Documentary Collection
By Clayton Ruley

The Robert Greenwald Documentary Collection gives the people the opportunity to explore questions on the coverage of Fox News in Outfoxed, the 2000 and beyond War in Iraq in Uncovered and the civil liberties on Unconstitutional.   These three movies independently released are thrown together in a convienent box along with a bonus disc featuring more information, analysis and speculation with some of the country's and world's most informed.

Sad to say we can't assume that everything we see on the TV or in the news is true especially when there is a corporate or political agenda attached to it and Outfoxed shows how Fair and Balanced could be nothing further from the truth! We hear from former Fox reporters staff and media anaylists that show Rupert Murdoch ( owner by the way) and Fox News's clear biased to the right wing. It's a real trip!

On Unconstitutional we see how the Patriot Act and September 11 2001 in general has allowed the government to come down hard on peoples rights a citizens and you get to see families first hand that have been wrongly been accused of being a terrorists. We can see how fear, paranoia and racial profiling has us missing the point when it comes to fighting terrorism and strengthening national security.

In Uncovered we can hear from U.S, intelligence, defense officials and other experts about the Bush presidency and their lack of truth when it comes to the purpose of the Iraq invasion and what has happened since the United States have been there.   The film breaks down the administration's case for war and the final conclusion won't leave the reasonable happy!

All four disc are about an hour and The Disinformation Company distributes the films to shed light on these crucial subjects so that more people can be critical and make better observations and decisions in the future. I hope more people can catch on.


I'll give the collection 4.5 GeoGlobes.

Suggestions, comments, questions feel free to drop me a line at One!


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