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GeoReview: Pro Football Hall of Fame: 85 Years of Greatness
By Clayton Ruley

So you're a NFL fan when you watching the TV broadcasts and you always hearing these names of old greats but you clueless to whom those players are and what they did? Well finally there is a product for the casual fan to catch up on the NFL Legends (besides a book of course). Pro Football Hall of Fame: 25 Years of Greatness is a 3-disc collection of all the great players and moments.  

The first disc is entitled The Greatest and it gives you stories about player already in the hall as well as player sure to be enshrined like Reggie White and Troy Aikman. The first disc is broken up into sections named The Greatest, The Resume Play, Pioneers, Intimidators, Heart & Soul, Big Gamers, Game Breakers, Underdogs, Future Hall of Famers, The First Pick, Twenty-First Century Superstars, and Men Behind The Men.

The second disc gives you some of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's greatest speeches. 30 speeches in total, they include players like John Elway, Deacon Jones, Lawrence Taylor, Johnny Unitas, Jim Kelly and Joe Namath.   Some are fun others are spiritually moving and others are crazy!  

The third disc is a video gallery of the 229 greats that are enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You get to see pictures, biographies, stats and rare facts.

Overall this is a NFL historian's dream of a DVD. While going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame would be the best option its nice to know that you can get a glimpse of the hall from the comfort of your home.   NFL Films always does the best job on documentaries and they don't fall short here.  


I'll give the DVD set 4.5 Globes. It can't get much bettter than this.

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