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GeoReview: The Corporation
By Clayton Ruley

The Corporation is compeling documentary about a kind of business structure an organization can use that gives it more rights as a person! The film by Marc Achbar, Joel Baken, and Jennifer Abbott talks about the corporation its effects on politics, the world community and how it continues to get a pat on the back instead of a slap in the face!

You get to hear about Monsanto, a company thats chemicals are debilitating cows for the aim of increasing milk production despite the lack of need. How about the unhealthy ways these companies dispose of chemicals and the lack of regulations and more.   How about secret or misleading product placement anyone? In 24 chapters The Corporation gives you a very clear pictures of why corporations need to regulated and that people should be careful and aware of what is happening.

The film shows this through anaylsis, and footage from advertising, television news and industrial film and you get to here from 40 insiders and critics like Filmmaker Michael Moore, famed author Noam Chomsky, the author of No Logo: Naomi Klein about the corporation and match the make up of a psychopath to corporation and see if they fit. The film shows a lot of the inside workings, peculiar histories and future impacts of some conglomerates we all know and in a lot of ways support with our dollars unknowing of their practices.

The film is 145 minutes and the special edition two-disc DVD is filled with interview, eight deleted scenes, five hours of additional footage, Janeane Garofalo's interview with writer Joel Baken on Air America's Majority Report and a host of other resources. This film won 23 international awards including the Sundance World Cinema-Documentary Audience Award. If you thought movies like Roger & Me and Fahrenheit 911 were shocking check this out and don't cringe!


Overall this movie is a must see and casts an unrighteous light on the big company called a corporation. While we all should know that there are a good amount of good apples (Haha!) there are those who need to be held accountable for their terrible practices. I'll thankfully give the film 4.5 GeoGlobes.

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