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Today is:
GeoReview: Control Room
By Clayton Ruley

Control Room is a look at how the media portrayed in America is only America's truth for some people's purpose. Live from Iraq, Control Room shows you what happens to a country that gets taken over and how even the media is a reflection of who has the power.

The film people talk to members of international and American press, Armed forces officers and more experts on the relationship the Arab and Western world have. Also you get to see how satellite television has changed the game of journalism and it's not all for the good. The war in Iraq to many people wasn't about if the United States could win but more about how and in this 86 minute film you see questionable reaches by the Presidency and the armed forces when it comes to action and practice.

You get to see how Al Jazeera has come from the bottom up and looks to provide information to the Arab world while catching major flack from the many media outlets for doing the same thing they do all the time. Also how does fear, paranoia and patriotism effect what you see in news coverage? Many examples are shown in this film.

Produced by Hani Salama and Rosadel Varela and directed by Jehane Noujaim this film does less with statistics and film cuts and more with talking to people and give you first hand footage of Iraq and the surrounding areas affected by war!


I'll give the film 4.5 GeoGlobes.


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