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GeoReview: 25 Years Of Champions
By Clayton Ruley

The NBA's greatest era of basketball has been the best years of basketball.   The game went above the rim with players like Connie Hawkins, Elgin Baylor and Dr. J pioneering the game.   We saw players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar continue their dominance they started in the 70's and then Magic and Bird came on the scene and the eighties were crazy up and down the court times. In the nineties it was all about the brilliance of Michael Jordan as he made people think the impossible.   The NBA has taking some hits since Michael Jordan retired but young players often don't have the polish to make every game meaningful.   It will take time for them to make a dent in championship basketball like a Kobe Bryant has playing alongside Shaquille O'Neal and that took some great complementary players.  


Now you can relive the champion's seasons from the last 25 years as NBA Entertainment bring the people 25 Years of Champions featuring over 20 hours of NBA footage.   You get to see highlights from every NBA Finals Matchup including the Lakers and Celtics rivalry, The Spurs winning with a young Tim Duncan and Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets back to back titles and the Bulls run of six titles in eight years.  


This DVD is good but could have been better if they had the games from each of the 25 champions years on the DVD set. I'll give the DVD 3 globes.   


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