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GeoReview: Chappelle's Show, The Lost Episodes Uncensored
By Clayton Ruley

Dave Chappelle for many reasons left Chappelle's Show as he was doing the third episode fresh off a new contract that was for the excess of 50 million dollars for two addition episodes and DVD sales.

I feel Dave and money doesn't mean anything if you aint comfortable with yourself and your work. With that said it's sad to see such a dynamic and groundbreaking show end in a way many (including myself) see as premature. The second season of Chappelle's Show is the biggest selling DVD of all-time! Chappelle was raunchy and pushed the envelope but he made people look at themselves and laugh too which was important and he also made light of serious issues, like prejudice and stereotypes, that many people have but can say or fear saying. Chappelle made needed conversations start just by doing a skit! He also brought some of Hip Hop's unsung artists to the the foreground as well. To put it lightly the show will be missed.

Comedy Central recently released the remaining scraps of the Chappelle show out in July of 2006 and while only three patched together episodes long this gives you a small glimpse of what could have been. Let's talk about some skits and give you a GeoGlobe rating.

Chappelle plays former presidential candidate Howard Dean and mocks one of his speeches made during the 2004 Presidential Campaign where he makes a sound you'd expect to hear in a Karate class. Of course Chappelle goes overboard and takes it to different walks of life and it's very funny.You'll get caught up and saying the sound to a friend!

Revenge is on Dave's mind as he takes those millions he made and begins a mission of payback! First he gets and ex-girlfriend, then a old comedy promoter and then a acting coach. Chappelle goes way too far but it's comedy not real life!

The late Tupac Shakur always seems to be making new songs despite the fact that he's been dead for almost a decade! Chappelle makes a mockery of this by doing a club scene where a new song comes out and everything is too current! Questlove of The Roots makes a appearance in this skit.

The episode that Chappelle said drove him to the edge was the "Black Pixie" sketch where he was on a plane and when given a chicken or fish is aided in his decision by a black pixie (FYI...actually two but Mos Def, who plays the second one doesn't show up in the DVD, although they aired it on Comedy Central ) shows up and makes a fool of himself in the old blackface way! This was followed by other pixies doing other racial stereotypes and playing them up.

I can't say this skit was any rougher than the Black KKK member skit that was on the opening show of the series but I guess it's all about time and place and who are we to get mad that Chappelle had some concerns over this one in particular! Maybe with everything else going on with the network and people around him, he thought he was selling himself out! At least he knows to think about that type of thing! Some artists do it on a regular basis and have no damn clue!

The bonus features are ok but you can see the stress he's feeling in some of the outtakes! Also you know these episodes are pieced together because alot of the pieces are short and don't show the development
Chappelle and co-writer Neal Brennan made great. Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rowlings host the studio portions and do it well bring to light what happened, busting a few jokes and hosting a decent
conversation about the pixies sketch.

I'll give the DVD 3 globes. Ok but not the real thing. It will end your Chappelle's Show collection but not on the note you'd hope for.

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