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GeoReview: 50 First Dates
By Clayton Ruley

What if the girl of you dreams didn't remember your meeting a day later?   Would kind of hurt your chances right?   Well that is the premise of 50 First Dates, recently released on DVD by Columbia and starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.   The film set in Hawaii, focuses around Sandler's character, a caregiver to sea animals and his meeting with Barrymore's character, a schoolteacher who relives the same day everyday because of a car accident.  

While this is slated as a comedy this is a love story as well as you see the frustrations the family of Barrymore's character and Sandler's character has trying to show his love to Barrymore's character.   I think the story is good and Barrymore and Sandler have great chemistry together continuing the relationship they had in a couple of movies including The Wedding Singer.


The movie is about 90 minutes and the DVD features a bonus features including deleted scenes, trailers and a couple of documentaries on the movie and its characters.   The movie is the good not great but is worth watching with a loved one and/or if you are trying to get a brief laugh on. The movie was definitely not a Happy Gilmore funny but you can still get your laugh on. This movie has some really emotional moments

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