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Today is:
GeoReview: Scarface, 25th Anniversary Two-Disc Edition
By Constant

We all know the tale: A Cuban refugee lands in Miami and after blood (lot of blood) sweat, and few tears takes over the huge Florida drug scene. Stars some actor named Al Pacino and he sniffs a molehill of coke in the end!

Michele Phiffer stars as the woman he wants so desperately to please and the boss’s lady.

A lot of people have the movie poster in their house and/or room including your favorite stars!

Yeah Scarface is back on the DVD shelves with a special edition with some goods to please and the feature redone in digital full frame format (aspect ratio 1.33:1) and Dolby sound.

Tony contemplates having a desk made out of cocaine.

The special goods include five featurettes about the movie: Def Jam Presents: Origins Of A Hip-Hop Classic, Scarface: The Rebirth, Scarface: Acting, Scarface: Creating, and Scarface: The TV Version. They also bring you some raw and rare deleted scenes from the film.

The Def Jam featurette brings some of Hip-Hop’s biggest stars together to talk about the impact the movie Scarface had on the Hip-Hop community and why people like so much! Stars like Fat Joe, Raekwon The
Chef, P. Diddy, and Eve tell their own accounts and it brings the Scarface references to the forefront playing the tunes while the rappers spill their stories it’s real hot!

Scarface: Acting lets you see how the actors built the characters and got the actual roles. Steven Bauer (Manolo) in particular is excellent in his part giving vivid details of the chemistry the group had and the relationship he and Al had. The featurette also gives you behind the scenes details and how the actors helped script the scenes.

Scarface: Creating opens the door to the trials the producers and directors went through to get the movie made and done. From moving the production from Miami to Los Angeles to getting the “R” Rating you hear all the happenings.

Scarface: The TV Version breaks down how the actually cleaned up the vulgar and violent nature for the television screen. With over 150 F-bombs in the script and guns and chainsaws in the movie this was no easy feat.

The Deleted scenes are ok; with about three real scenes I could see being prevalent enough to put into the film. The editor really didn’t do a bad job after all as most of the stuff at best just let’s you see the actor’s retakes and mannerisms. You like seeing them though as you know their will never be a sequel to this classic.

Not too much to say the Two Disc Edition is great and gives you a little more love from your favorite movie and its creators. The featurettes are great although short (15-20 minutes) and they give you some interesting tidbits. The deleted scenes were ok not spectacular (I guess the shot well the first time!). The Hip-Hop featurette was very good and was a nice gesture, giving some respect and credit to the community that helps keep the movie in the spotlight and off the shelves. The rappers were saying things you could relate to and it was cool to see the relation being bridged.

I’ll give the DVD 4.5 stars, definitely worth the cop and a must have for the collection. You can watch the critically and hood acclaimed flick anytime and the special features are just a bonus! The title screams at you “You f—kin with me! You f—kin with da best!"










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