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Today is:
GeoReview: NFL Films:
Inside The Vault Vols. 1-3
By Clayton Ruley

WIn our generation no other major sport has been documented at its best than the NFL!

Now in addition to the new NFL channel which will have all those great shows you’ve seen on ESPN, NFL Films has gone farther and taken their touch to another level.

The DVD!

With the advent of DVD’s, you can now store a lot more information on a disc than you ever could on a VHS or even Beta tapes (remember them?) More and more entertainment groups are getting into the business of putting their best shows together and putting them out as seasons as an alternative to or in addition of syndication (i.e. Friends, Sanford and Son, The Simpsons).

It is really cool because if you never got the chance to watch, or missed show you can now watch your favorite shows, movies and programs with some added features.

The crew at NFL Films has jumped on the boat as well, grabbing some of their lost footage from their successful Lost Treasures of NFL Films and putting it together with the classic music and photography that has made the NFL Films (based in South Jersey) acclaimed for years.

Steve Sabol host the film as he does all NFL Films’ specials and brings you all the beautiful shots and the shots that didn’t make the cut for a variety of reasons.

This film takes you through the beginning of NFL Films in the early 60’s, when the league was struggling to survive, through the merger with the American Football League in 1970, giving you facts, first person stories and pictures that will help you appreciate the league’s and NFL Films rise to prominence.

The film also covers topics of racism, the legendary Jim Brown’s dominance, and the Hippie Hangout: San Francisco’s old Kezar Stadium. The volumes show those everyone knows and those you’d hear you’d only hear grandpa talk about. Maybe!

It is great start too hopefully more exciting titles being brought to you by the camera wizards at NFL Films.

I’ll give the three volumes 5 globes because it is unseen footage, great photography and great tidbits any football would love. Also because no one can do this better than NFL Films does. They are the standard the other leagues’ film teams go by!

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