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Today is:
Narc: DVD Review
By Clayton Ruley

Narc is the well thought creation of Writer/Director Joe Carnahan and is inspired by a mid-1970’s murder in Texas of a police officer. The movie stars veteran actors Jason Patric and Ray Liotta. Liotta also co-produced the project amid a host of financial troubles.

The film is set in the gritty automotive wasteland of Detroit and captures the scene via dark photography and realness in the script writing.

Patric plays police officer Nick Tellis a narcotics detective and recent family man who is struggling with his job and the line between that and responsibility to family. Recently suspended after an incident that begins the movie in startling fashion, Tellis is pulled into a case of a fallen police officer, Michael Calvass, who was killed in suspicious fashion.

The name is Tommy Vercetti, Punk!

He is partnered with the fallen officers’ partner Henry Oak played by Liotta who is hell bent on finding the killers and avenging his death. Whether it is on or off police time!

The next 90 plus minutes takes you on an exciting investigating path. That ends very unexpectedly and will leave you saying: “that was crazy”.

With appearances by Busta Rhymes and Chi McBride of Boston Public fame Narc, takes a great view of life in between the lines as a police officer when what is fair isn’t right and justice doesn’t always come with legal resolutions. Action packed with definite moments of violence and gore, Narc is also a witty film with plenty of moments that will make you rewind or skip back to some scenes for verification.

Wooohaa I got You in check!

Always a fan of Liotta, He makes sure not to disappoint as he puts forth one of his best performances as the dedicated but bitter officer Oak, who has seen the ways of the street and the administration and is willing to take justice in his hands if the proper authorities aren’t. Liotta is believable cause of the stress seen when delivering his lines, his physical stature and his belief in the story.

Patric as Tellis is complex. In the story Tellis is faced family problems and his love for finding the truth. While trying to be safe for his responsibilities, Tellis has to find out the truth for the sake of his future and to further shed light on his past. Patric does a great job of delving into both sides of the coin and looks to build on a successful career.

Overall the movies featured great photography, some innovative filmmaking techniques and great mystery, plenty of shoot-up action and great acting from a limited cast. In a Hollywood where millions are being spent on scenes, this movie uses make due techniques and makes them not only suffice but shine to the point you wouldn’t know the difference.

Phillys New Anti-Graffiti Hit Squad

One of the best scenes happens when Oak and Tellis have a mini shootout with two drug dealers who are involved with case and eventually corners the two suspects and torture them to the “truth”. Full of action, Narc is an interesting from the beginning to the last scene with little let down.

I’ll give it 4 and one-half globes. The only holding it back from being a must have is the lack of development of the family issues during the film. It comes into play later in the film and if you took a break in thinking you might miss the correlation. In the end, Narc is a great film to watch for great acting, direction from a focused and visual guy in Carnahan and a dynamic story line that happens more than you think with a political twist.

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