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Today is:
Jackass: The Movie: DVD Review
By Rame

Just in case you didn’t know Jackass: The Movie is comprised of… well a bunch of jackasses. Their brand of humor became popular via MTV, which spawned a $40 million + grossing movie (the movie was budgeted at $5million) and now a fully loaded DVD with over 5 hours of unseen footage and even a nifty wristband emblazoned with the Jackass logo.

The Movie

Ok I know the title says Jackass: The Movie, but it’s far from a movie more of a montage of gross out gags MTV deemed too explicit for cable (yes, MTV has standards). Besides these jackasses threshold for pain there is nothing noteworthy about this movie. Admittedly there were a few sequences that squeezed a laugh out, most notably Rental Car Derby. You see I’ve always had this urge to smash up an Enterprise car and tell the underpaid college intern I wasn’t going to pay for repairs. Only in Johnny Knoxville’s universe do my dreams come to fruition. Still many of these segments left me with the question, why risk your life when the outcome isn’t funny? Watching grown men shove toy cars and firecrackers in their ass is not entertainment… hmmm not to me at least.

I you’re a fan of anal invasion by way of Hot Wheels and boxing heavyweights in crowded department stores then stop reading and purchase this DVD now, the rest of you stay far away. Then again the wristband is a nice gimmick, so if your in need of an item that shows how much of a Jackass you are then buy this movie and sport that bad boy on your wrist or in your ass, which ever you prefer.

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