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Today is:
GeoReview: The Foundation
by Clayton Ruley

Nine of the best players old and new have their lives on tape and I'm not talking about The Real World, I'm talking about The Foundation, a NBA DVD with on and off the court with these NBA All-Stars and future stars.  

The 231-minute two-disc set is not rated, comes in stereo format also features the 2004 All-Star Games and Rookie versus Sophomore Challenge games.  

The stories of the athletes that stick out in my mind are Yao Ming's journey from China to stardom in the United States, Allen Iverson coming up from the mean streets of Newport News, VA to being a high school, college and NBA superstar and Ben Wallace's trip from non drafted free agent from Virginia Union, a historically black college, to being a two-time NBA Defensive Player of The Year and NBA champion.  

The film is cool because you see all the different places the players have come from to make it to the big stage, done in a style that is entertaining and informative.   Besides all the players mentioned you also hear from the coaches, broadcasters and fellow players of these players who give you insight details on the players personalities and why they are great ballers in the pros.  


I'm a big NBA fan but this DVD is entertaining if only for the disc 2 games alone.   The All-Star game is great because you see some of the greatest players playing like this is an regular season game and the Got Milk? Rookie Challenge was basically a dunk contest as it was a blowout.  


There are no special features per se besides the games but I would of liked to see maybe some quick bios and maybe a stand out highlight reel of each of these players.  


I'll give the DVD 4 globes.









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