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GeoReview: Super Size Me
By Clayton Ruley

McDonalds has been questioned about it's nutritional content since the 80's (at least). While most would agree that Mickey D's is okay for a special meal once a week, couple of weeks or months what would happen if someone did what some do, eat at McDonalds daily, for three meals a day for a month? The results are found by one independent filmmaker: Morgan Spurlock in Super Size Me , a Sundance award-winning feature film.  


The movie goes into the culture that created and continues to perpetuate fast food and especially the mega billionaire McDonald Corporation.   Spurlock literally risks his life (no joke) to show what eating this food consistently will do to you mind, body and soul.   You see him eat every one of his meals and follow all the rules he set forth at the beginning of the movie i.e. only getting super sized options when the counter people asked him and making sure he had every item on the menu at least once. The movie also goes into more than McDonalds as it attacks the current school lunch system, nutritional education, and corporate responsibility.


This movie is good for several laughs but can and should be an educational tool for the children and their parents.   The fact is America is a fat nation and it starts at home.   Everyone wants to get things fast and it hurts us in the end, as more people are obese.   The government needs to step up and come down on these companies but with "free enterprise" we all know they won't so it is up to us, the people, to pass the word on. The film uses cartoons and graphs to help get the message out to different audiences. Look at the film, be objective and make a decision for yourself the worth of the content.


The bonus features include audio commentary by Spurlock, deleted scenes, an interview with Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, extra interviews, special scenes not seen in the film: "13 Bags of Garbage".  


I'll give this movie 4.5 Globes. While it's hard to break habits good or bad, there is no excuse for being ignorant anymore and that helps big time.



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