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Magazines Off the Beaten Path
By "Mela S"

I'm a magazine whore if there ever was one. Hip-hop, independant, men's, and artsy magazines of all kinds frequently find their way into my pocket folded up and crinkled at the edges or in my shopping bag while I'm walking around the city. As it may be known, sometimes, its a good thing to be different. To be open to various types of things as a result of your surroundings. To be individualistic. One should never be so stuck onto their style that they are afraid to try

something that isn't characteristically them.


Below you'll find some magazines that, perhaps, might get you to think differently-- to open up to a new style or even bring you out of yourself for long enough to see that other styles do truly exist. These aren't your mom's magazines! And for an issue they aren't going to break your bank either.


1. Nylon Magazine



Price per issue: $3.50 (US)/ $4.50 (Canada)


Fashion Geared Towards: Both men and women in the same issue-- this varies but generally if you're looking for men's fashion check out their other monthly publication - Nylon for men as well.


Sections/Things to look out for : Their "fashion stories"- an industry term for selected runway pieces collaged together to create   a look for the month- interesting new looks on your everyday garden-variety designers make you look Nylon gives a comprehensive look at fashion, music and beauty from a more than unique perspective. Large artsy picture layouts, creative titles, vivid illustrations and unique writing geared towards anyone of any scene make you come back for more over and over again. For its cheap price, you will.



2. Mass Appeal Magazine




Price per issue: $4.99 (US)/$7.25 (Canada)


Fashion Geared Towards: Men, in particular


Sections/Things to look out for: The sections rotate frequently so don't be afraid to just browse around the magazine and find out what section appeals to you. Continuing to stun and captivate individual everywhere, Mass Appeal magazine shows street culture at its finest. Showcasing the latest in music, graffiti, sports, and thought inducing articles and illustrations, this magazine is truly for everyone, hence the name "mass appeal". Geared mostly towards men's fashion and lifestyle, it is everything you could ever want in a publication.


3. Dazed & Confused


website :    


Price per issue : $6.25 (US)/ 7 (UK)


Fashion Geared Towards: Men and women alike


Sections/Things to look out for: Their fashion layouts-- the way the clothing is assembled and then displayed proves to be eclectic and chic at the same time. Showcasing both Men's and Women's fashion along with interesting and unique articles and music reviews, this UK magazine is sure to have a little bit of something for everyone. Although their fashion pickins'

may seem a bit slim, their other magazine offerings round out the magazine quite nicely. Hell and if all else fails? Look at their crazy covers- if that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will.


4. Flaunt magazine


website :


Price per issue: $6.51(US)


Fashion Geared Towards : Both men and women


Sections/Things to look out for: Their own unconventional way of showcasing the unusual with a certain bit of   provocative flair as well as their large photo layouts. For the open minded and open hearted, Flaunt puts their own twist on your everyday magazine. From cover to cover they have the finest photography, fashion shoots, and takes on individualistic style without the same manufactured garbage of   pop culture magazines- truly for those who cant be defined by a label or choose not to be. Hair, makeup and clothing are as original as anything and with true fashion inspired for the people by the people- you can never go wrong with that.


5. i-D magazine




Price per issue: $9.61(US)/ 4.50 (UK)


Fashion Geared Towards : Men and Women from all walks of life.


Sections/Things to look out for: When I saw this magazine, I was surprised by the large and very beautiful layouts of fashion and accessories. Focusing on the high fashion and explosive cultures of Europe and its surrounding areas, i-D features well-written interviews and articles,large fashion pictorials and with an eye to the runway you can establish your own trends and sense of style. Reading the same magazine that designers, stylists and other individuals in the field read, you get a taste of styles right before they warm up to the rest of the western world.


Of course this is just a very small selection of some of the freshest, most unique and individualistic magazines out there that fit into your lifestyle. Choose not to read what everybody else reads or responds to be your own person. These magazines take you one step closer to thinking outside yourself for a few seconds.



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