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Today is:
The Tech Report - Spring 2008
By Norman "B.O.B." Green

Here we go people your favorite Uber Geek is back in the building to run some of the illest gadgets and sites that are here or coming down the pipe line real fast. I want to shout out Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Endgadget, Tuaw and The Boy Genius Report. So without further ado I am going to run it down.


Microsoft Bought Danger ... Good Ol' Billy "Boy" Gates is gotten his hands on the original sheik gadget of the millenium. So look out for some very cutting edge new ideas from them. Maybe   a Sidekick Zune.... a iPhone killer(lmfao)


3G a.k.a. 3 rd generation iPhone ... Ok peeps we are looking for a June or July release date. Att Wireless has blocked vacationed in June & July for a reason. They are getting rid of the blasted recessed headphone jack (yay). Adding 3G internet capabilities will make it even better. Yes the iPhone 2.0 OS will have tons of apps out there for the pleasure for all of the holders of the Holy Grail of cell phones. Oh with a new 2 year contract there will be a rumored 199.99 price point. Lets just say I will be one of the pissed 1st generation owners trying to give the phone to my significant other. Oh I don't have one.


iMacs ... These Apple computers have gone and gotten a brand new look and it is a great one!   These new personal computers are thinner than mayonnaise on a cheap hoagie.


Oh ... iToner the ringtone app will get you passed the ugly built in ringtones of the Iphone.


Safari ... The Apple computer based web browser has snuck into the hands of PC users, pay attention to the automatic software update Itunes users.


Buy an external hard drive .... use your external to hold all of your media and try to use either firewire or esata. I am one who made the switch and it is the best-case scenario for the person who has more than one computer. This way you and your media are now capable of being anywhere @ any given time on the planet. Plus they look cool... LOL


AVG ... This is the best free anti virus (PC).... Google it, use it and donate people. Great App


Nextel ... from the rumor mill that the bleep bleeping Iden carrier might be getting dropped from Sprints roster.


T-Mobile's ... owners are looking into buying Sprint by the way


People ... If you have power tools go Lithium. More power more power and longer life.


Ironman The Movie ... The movie has more gadgets than my junk drawer. This is a must see for all. Shout out to Stan Lee he kept me entertained during the chubby years.


Digital Video Recorder ... People we must move into the modern age no more channel hopping watch one save the other. Almost all carriers have them and you can buy them without a carrier. I can now have a ball then come home then watch the afternoon run of Springer J/K


Microsoft ... The giant will shift from XP and focus on Vista... this is where you guys should be saying oh shh..


Oh I heard that there will be a DC Vs Mortal Kombat game...sheesh, I'm saving my pennies now.


Thanks for letting me singe the optic nerve... Peace people! I'll be back soon.

Send all questions and comments to me at and thanks for reading!




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