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Today is:
GeoReview: Sicko
by Clayton Ruley

"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people. " - Tony Benn

Michael Moore's latest documentary film Sicko, on the for profit healthcare and perscription drug industry, it's differences in America and other countries, was recently released and I was fortunate to get a early seat. This 113 minute film was written, nproduced and directed by Moore himself and shows different ways the insurance companies deny or delay services and how it in itself is a profit making venture.

We see several court testimonies towards this notion (including one from Dr. Linda Peeno) and get into how these denials or delays effect real families due to shortage of money and/or medical services not done in time leading to death or even worse conditions for the the sick person(s).

We get to see those volunteers from the 9-11 tragedy who weren't able to collect from their insurance company because they weren't officially sanctioned workers and their struggles since.

We see one woman who has to go to Canada to get healthcare because she has been diagnosed with a form of cancer she was deemed by her insurance company to young to have. We see a nurse whose husband was denied a procedure by her in house insurance because the procedure was seen as experimental and how it has left her family.

Moore goes to Canada and get testimonials from citizens and medical workers there on how you go about getting medical treatment there.

Moore does the same in England and France and the result for all three that could leave you surprised.

Moore seems to attack the healthcare industry without being totally political or blaming one side or the
other. He does mention presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at one point being a champion advocate for universal healthcare and now being one of the highest paid senators from the insurance companies.

Moore lastly takes some of the people you meet in America throughout the film to Cuba and shows how this "monster" of a country takes care of their citizens compared to the United States.

We see the start of the HMOs and hear a sensation conversation with Richard NIxon and an advisor over the real point of creating them.

You hear from Tony Benn, a British Labour party legend about his views on healthcare and it's history. Benn, now retired also talks about democracy and about organization of the people. Moore is sure to not only talk to citizens of the countries he visits but visiting and moved Americans too so you can get a full picture of universal healthcare.

This movie isn't about bashing one person it's about demanding accountability from the U.S. government for healthcare for all, regardless of price, pre-existing
conditions, age, or any other detail. It has been proven to work in other countries why not America?

I'll give it 5 GeoGlobes.


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