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Today is:
Terrance Howard Revealed
by Rame

Terrance Howard has been making movies for quite some time now, but his roles have been negated to supporting characters with minimal screen time. Nonetheless Howard has always brought his craft to those roles and in 2005 we got a chance to see him reign down fire on unsuspecting audiences and critics.

So instead of treading over the same path and remind you how wonderful he was in Hustle N Flow. We take a look at a few films that might have flown under your radar. Here are a few films that will reintroduce the talented actor and display his potential as a budding star.

Lackawanna Blues (2005) – Howard plays Bill Crosby a young boy’s farther figure in 1950’s Lackawanna, New York.

Hart's War (2002) - Lt. Lincoln A. Scott has been accused of murder in a prison camp during World War II and must prove his innocence.

Sunset Park (1996) – A minor role in the basketball drama, yet Terrance Howard stands out as the obscure rebounding machine dubbed Spaceman.





Dead Presidents (1995) – A great film from the Hughes brothers starring Larenz Tate. Howard has the small role of Cowboy, local pool hustler.

Crash (2004) – As an African American studio exec, Cameron (Howard) must overcome his fears and stand up for what he knows to be right, at the same time hold onto a failing marriage.

The Best Man (1999) – Jack of all trades Quentin (Howard) tries to be the moral compass for his friend Harper (Taye Diggs) who has a dark secret that could put his best friend's marriage in peril.

Idlewild (2006) – Howard portrays Trumpy, an underestimated stooge who turns into a cutthroat gangster.The jury is still out on this I've yet to see the film and people seem to be on polar opposites when discussing this film. If anyone out there has seen it throw me your two cents.

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Is it a bright future for
Terrance Howard?












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