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Today is:
Until We Meet Again...
By G. “Haile” Campbell

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to our dear friend, Mpozi Mshale Tolbert. Mpozi was a good man who not only created great art, but lived a life that most of us should strive for, he stood for something. The gentle giant passed away suddenly on July 3rd at the photo desk of The Indianapolis Star newspaper where he had worked from 1998. While we will never truely know why someone so young was taken so quickly all I can think is that it was his time.

Mpozi was an award-winning photographer, impressive Dub DJ, and an amazing human being. Spending just a moment in his presence made you feel forever changed and blessed. His example of living authentically and showing love and kindness to all should serve as guide for us all.

It is hard to know that we will never again see him walking the Philly's streets with a backpack on and headphones or a camera (sometimes both) going. We will never hear him tell another joke (even if he was the only one that laughed), never have him hand us another CD that "ya gotta check out", never get another bear hug or just hear his laughter (which always indeed with "you know"). He will surely be missed.


Be at peace, sweet soul.

Mpozi, we can hear you in the dub.










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