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Today is:
An Interview with Tamarah Ynise
By William  Baptist

GeoClan is always trying to bring you fresh, new and talented people and we have another multi-talented person to expose to the World Family. Her name is Tamarah Ynise and you'll need to recognize soon enough! (GC): Where did you grow up and what kinds of things were you involved in as a youth?


Tamarah Ynise (TY): I grew up in a little town in New Jersey. I was very active in sports from the age of nine until college. I played basketball throughout high school and in college for Rutgers University, Camden.


GC : When did Poetry enter your life and how did it affect you?

TY: I picked up my writing pen at the youthful age of 13 and never looked back. It was my older brother, Ster who turned me onto writing poetry. It was his love for words that fascinated me. He us to write in this little black book all the time. And one day he gave it to me and told me to write. He would never believe this, but I still have it. For me, poetry was a way to escape and to release so many feelings that I held inside. It was my sanity and still remains to this day.  

GC: What were some of your influences coming up?

TY: Life has been my experience. Life ain't always been easy.


GC: What has shocked or surprised you about your experience becoming a writer?

TY: As your writing matures, you realize that these are not your words to hold hostage. Because it may be that one poem, that one haikus that sets a spirit free.


GC: You're an artist with a variety of talents tell us about your other talents? 

TY: I was blessed to realize that I was given an additional artistic talent in March of 2003. I began painting abstract art, which has become another expression of my inner voice. I have since actualized three solo projects this year entitled "Evolucao", "Delantero", and "Distintivo", respectively.


GC: What are some of your most positive and negative experiences so far?

TY: I do not know if I could rate my life's' experiences as positive or negative. Several months ago, I asked my grandmother does she have any regrets in life. She said to me that she never thought about it like that. She said frankly that this is her life, good or bad, this is simple her life. I have since adopted that philosophy, this is my life, good or bad, this is my life.


GC: What are you working on right now?

TY: My first book of haikus entitled "Liquid Verbs" will be completed this month, November 2005. I am currently working on my CD project. In addition, I anticipate the release of my second book of poetry entitled, "In Search of Soul" in March 2006.


GC: For whom do you write for? And why?

TY: I write for me and I write for all those people who do not have a voice.


GC: What do you think about change (think of Uploading Change,'s slogan)?

TY: I think change is eternal, it is necessary, and that it is healthy.


GC: So what is coming up next?

TY: Book Signing and Art Exhibit is scheduled for Friday, December 9, 2005 at Caribbean Reef Lounge located at 605 S 3 rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, 5-10pm.


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