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Welcome Back!
The Original Transformers
Hits The DVD Market

By Clayton Ruley

We sometimes complain about technology and how before you can catch up they put more advanced out there.
This is one example of something you’ll have no trouble revisiting in fact you’ll remember simple times when the most you had to think of was what toys to bring into school and if you were going to play TV tag!

To tell you the truth I’m not overly impressed with some of the new age cartoons with the sometimes-vulgar language and the digital graphics (note: I’m not even
thinking about the FOX series like The Simpsons, a classic and at least a pioneer. Hint: it’s never the first one to do something that gets caught!). Most of the 'toons have kids thinking and saying things they have no business thinking and saying. If I wanted to hear adult language in a cartoon I would talk to my friends on the block or call somebody. To me a cartoon is Scooby Doo or The Flintstones. A show like South Park could be construed as just older guys who are using cartoons to convey off the wall messages, story lines and let off steam for past wrongs done by them. I need a little old-school love!

Well brace yourselves fellas, cause some of your
childhood heroes are now available whenever you want
all you need to do is click the remote control.

What I’m talking about is the original Transformers
being on DVD, with Dolby sound, animation outtakes,
and a look at the remastering process.

Now for a mid-20’s guy the only thing that could be better would be to see Thundercats, Knight Rider, and Different Strokes come next, I mean the battle between the world and people friendly Autobots and the all about themselves
Decepticons is a definite classic.

The teams started and ended with their leaders. The two leaders styles while both stern and authoritative were different.

Optimus Prime, the Autobots was a leader who listened
to the concerns and suggestions of other but in the end he was looked upon to make the final call. He had the unquestioned respect of his people.

This is while Megatron had first and final say and also had plenty of hate from his minions most notablely hate coming from his top fighter jet Starscream. He was respected but definitely questioned after every turn(When you lose in the end all the time, it’s hard for people to believe in you.)!

It’s amazing what you can take from a cartoon/show that you just didn’t pick up when you were a kid and this show has a lot of them You’ll find that although the show was made for kids it has a lot of elements for adults to enjoy, Along with and the 4 deadly sins: lust, greed hate and envy there is how they get into these practices like the practice of war, investigation, espionage and love. Not love in the sexual way but for each other as robots.

I can’t even begin to go into what each episode is like. You will be impressed on how simple the show looks to you after all these years and for the newcomers you like the storylines.

Seasons I-III are out now with the first season (16
cartoons) hovering around the $40-$50 range and half
seasons (sold in volumes) sold for about the same. So
if you are trying to look at good memories you can
control whenever. It’s a great cop!

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