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You've got to stop dividing yourselves. You got to organize.

-H. Rap Brown 1943

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An interview with "Sheeba" of SugarSugar Cards and Gifts

R.I.P. Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes

An Interview with Todd Craig, Author

Winter Films 2007- 08
ACloser Look: Forest Whitaker
Interview with Filmmaker Maori Holmes
A Closer Look: Terrance Howard
Films of Fall
Interview with Artist Nora Carey
Interview with Sculptor Darla Jackson
Commentary: The Sunshyne Expressions
The Willie Lynch Letter
Unforgivable Liar?
"Some men rob you with a six gun, others with a microphone."
An Interview with Luis Rodriguez
William Baptist talks to the world renoun and award winning author about his work and much more!
Richard Pryor: Foul-mouthed Thug or Transcendant Visionary?
This piece courtesy of Rock and Rap Confidential ask where the legendary comedian's place in history should be and gives reason on both sides.
R.I.P. Gifted Photographer Mpozi Tolbert
Haile Campbell says farewell to a great friend, brother and photographer.

An Interview with Tamarah Ynise
This poet talks with us about were she's come from and where she plans to go with her trusty prose on her side.

An Interview with The Late Night Players
Comedy isn't dead and these young cats got the talent to go with a message!

Double Whammy: Sports & Hollywood
Writer Robert Bell looks at some sports movies and wonders ask why the underdog Black athlete never getting the love! That and a lot more!

Magazines Off the Beaten Path
A brief look at some magazines you might have overlooked or never heard of.
Interview with Vagabond
The Filmmaker behind Machetero
We Want Freedom
Top Ten Movies of 2004
The Best Movies of 2004
Don Cheadle: Best Actor
And the Oscar goes to...
Artist Spotlight: Stacey Wilson
Interview with Philly's resident artist
Q-Tip Interview
Q-Tip speaks on the latest Spike Lee Joint.

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